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The transportation industry is full of driver jobs, which vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle and the goods or people being transported. The typical drivers’ jobs can range from chauffeurs, who deliver people to private destinations including work, home and tourist attractions, to delivery driver jobs, which can be the delivery of food, pharmaceuticals, furniture and more, to truck driver jobs, which includes the transport of goods regionally or nationally.

Driver employment is regularly in demand within several industries. Bus driver jobs serve school populations, city dwellers and recreational purposes. There is usually a predetermined point of entry and route that the bus will serve. In the case of a city bus, the driver is generally on a tight timetable, but still must adhere to the traffic restrictions and safety regulations. The bus drivers must also get to know the roads and prepare for construction, narrow streets and busy driving times.

Valet jobs are generally reserved for entertainment venues. A popular restaurant, nightclub or hotel will offer valet parking for the convenience of their guests. This is usually at an additional fee, and is at the choice of the guest. The valet driver will park the guest’s vehicle in a designated lot and retrieve the vehicle once the guest returns for it. The guests generally give valet drivers tips as well.

Truck driving jobs can include truckers carrying hauls for nationally owned freight lines, or owner operator jobs in which the trucker works independently or on a contract. Truckers carry everything from refrigerated goods to livestock to hazardous materials, and have a variety of licensing requirements that depend on the goods and grade of truck.

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