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Factory jobs include many different areas of expertise in order to manufacture a product. Due to the variety of products made in the U.S., factory work can include the manufacturing of foods, cars, electronics, and more. Within the typical plant, the factory job categories are broken down even further in order to manufacturer the good or goods being produced.

For example, in an automotive plant, there are three major components that make up the manufacturing of a car. These include putting together the exterior shell with the interior frame through welding work, then the painting and sealing of the car bodies, and finally onto the actual assembly of the vehicle. This is where the materials like plastics, rubber, steel, glass and fabrics all come into play. There are specific assignments to these units, and therefore the employee can specialize in metal jobs or plastic jobs.

At times products are returned to the factory due to a recall or the need to remanufacture it to meet new codes and standards. As far as factory laborers, these positions include maintenance workers that are involved within the installation of a new product, or the maintenance and repair of existing products.

Once the product is developed, there are a series of necessary labor positions that are referred to as handler jobs. These include packagers that ensure the product is properly sealed up and protected, stock handlers to get the manufactured goods in the correct place within the warehouse or distribution point, and freight handlers to get the product out to various transportation units. Material handler jobs are generally positions within the packaging part of the process and may require special training if the product contains hazardous or toxic materials.

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