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Government jobs have always been sought after due to the security of the position, standard levels of pay and top-notch benefits in medical, pension and vacation. A government job can include work within the county, city, state and federal level, as well as military service. Due to the high demand, jobs in government after often hard to come by and include a detailed application process, background security check and rigorous drug testing and screening.

The most available work can be found within city jobs, which account for almost twice as many positions as state jobs. The bulk of city employment includes work within the emergency services, including law enforcement and fire fighting, but also includes healthcare, public safety and education. Within the government regulation realm, a city job can include city council or city management.

Depending on the size and industries available, state employment can be one of the top employers in the area. Almost every type of industry position is available as a state job, which includes state legislation, urban planning, revenue agents, social workers, highway maintenance workers, court clerks and more. Each state is divided up within many counties, creating specialty county jobs within the 3,000 or so county governments nationwide. County listings within legislation include county commissioners.

Federal jobs account for more than 1.8 million employees, making it the largest employer nationwide. Federal employment is used to maintain everything from community parks to highways to order within neighborhoods. A key federal job is working within the defense realm to assist as a civilian with military contracts, and is often housed within a military base.

Military jobs are positions that support the army, navy, marine corps and air force, along with the air and army national guard. The Department of Homeland Security operates the coast guard. The typical military job is divided between the enlisted, which generally requires a high school diploma, or officers, who have a college degree and specialized military training. A military career is more organized than most fields, offering advancement opportunities and further educational training to become a specialist that can translate over to civilian life as well.

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