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Jobs in restaurant locations are always in great abundance due to high turnover, non-traditional work schedules (including nights and weekends) and variety of locales. Restaurants can be fast food, full service, travel accommodations, or attached to hospitals or government buildings. Due to its acceptance of entry-level workers, more than one-fifth of the restaurant industry is filled by workers aged 16-19. Server jobs are the most common, and are the highest profile when it comes to customer service.

Most restaurant jobs are heavily dependent on tipping, and bartender jobs are no exception. In bartending, on-the-job experience counts, and the primary job skills needed are the ability to learn and mix drinks, as well as be a conversationalist. Once established in a restaurant, a good worker can move into the position of bar back (to learn under the bartender) more easily from a server job. This job can also be held at a bar where no food is being served, including civic and social leagues.

However, a restaurant job that does not rely on tips includes prep cook jobs, which are entry level cook positions. Depending on how upscale the location, the job can vary from a short-order cook that serves up the food accurately and quickly, versus those in the position of chef jobs that are more culinary-minded and are often a part of the menu planning. The restaurant is still dependent on waitstaff jobs to get the food out to the customer.

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