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Transportation is one of those industries that is so big that the amount of available opportunities seem somewhat limitless. Transportation jobs can include, but are not limited to, work within the air, railway, water and motor vehicle industries. The main function of all jobs in transportation is to ultimately transport or move and handle materials. Due to the many different positions available, ease of entry-level employees and flexible work schedule, transportation employment is readily available.

To break the industry down even further, material handling occupations are generally split up between the operators and labors. For examples, truck drivers can vary from forklift operators that lift heavy items in warehouses to tractor pullers that work out on farms. The traditional truck driver hauls loads of goods either locally, regionally or across the U.S., and can be responsible for chemicals, foods, cement and more. Special schooling is generally not required, but most truck drivers need a CDL license or other type of licensure in order to drive for a truck driving fleet.

Water transportation jobs show a higher than average growth expectancy. Positions within this field include marine oilers that help operate the ship’s machinery, deckhands that perform a variety of duties under the captain or officer, and pilots that assist in guiding the vessel through treacherous conditions, narrow straights, and evening voyages. Deckhand work is often entry-level, and in order to move up the career ladder, experience, written examinations and some maritime academy training may be required.

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